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Hawano International

Hawano International is a leading export-import and wholesale trading company based in India and KSA. The entity in KSA named as  Al Faras International Trading Est . With a diverse portfolio, we specialize in the distribution of a wide range of products, including spare parts, food grains, spices, tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables, flowers, chemicals, paint and dyes, textiles, fire & safety products, accessories, stationery, metal and non-metal scraps, and more.

Our commitment to excellence and reliability has positioned us as a trusted partner in the global trade market. At Hawano International, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products, fostering strong relationships with suppliers and clients, and contributing to the growth of various industries.

Our Mission &

We, at Hawano International, are a team dedicated to excellence, integrity, and enduring partnerships. Our mission is to facilitate seamless cross-border product exchange while upholding the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, positioning us as key players in international trade, with a specific focus on the GCC region.

Rooted in our values of commitment and responsibility, we aim to contribute to the economic development of communities through responsible business practices.

With Regards,
Rabeeh Kaithakath

Managing Director.

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